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£5 Boots Voucher £5 Boots Voucher
Code: RW0094
Over 14 days
750 Points
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£10 Starbucks Voucher £10 Starbucks Voucher
Code: RW0027
Over 14 days
1400 Points
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£20 Arcadia Vouchers £20 Arcadia Vouchers
Code: RW0036
Over 14 days
2600 Points
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£20 Thomas Cook Voucher £20 Thomas Cook Voucher
Code: RW0062
Over 14 days
2600 Points
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£30 Gap Voucher £30 Gap Voucher
Code: RW0077
Over 14 days
3600 Points
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£20 Zizzi Voucher £20 Zizzi Voucher
Code: RW0066
Over 14 days
2600 Points
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£50 Pizza Express Voucher £50 Pizza Express Voucher
Code: RW0111
Over 14 days
6000 Points
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£50 Ticketmaster Voucher £50 Ticketmaster Voucher
Code: RW0117
Over 14 days
6000 Points
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What is the Euroffice Rewards Programme?

How do I join the Euroffice Rewards Programme?

It’s free to join the Euroffice Rewards Programme. All you need to do is become a customer to start collecting points when you shop online.
If you’re new to Euroffice, we’ll help kick-start your reward balance with a bonus 250 points when you register.

How can I check how many points I have?
To check your rewards balance, you’ll need to login first then go to either the My Account or Rewards section. 

In My Account in the Rewards History section, you can view your current rewards total and any points added or used.  When you start earning rewards you’ll receive our rewards email newsletter which includes special offers and bonus rewards deals on a variety of products.

Alternatively, you can view your rewards balance on the Rewards page, where you can click through to view your total reward history.

What can I spend my reward points on?
You can spend your reward points on our range of over 150 items including vouchers, sweets and gifts for your home or office. To view all of the rewards items, click here

How many reward points do I receive per order?
For every one pound you spend, you’ll collect one reward point. Every time you shop with us, we’ll be able to track your purchase online and automatically add points to your account based on your order value.

You can also boost your reward points when you submit a review of a product, participate in customer surveys and contribute to blog posts online.

Do my reward points have an expiry date?
Yes, reward points have an expiration date.
In order to keep your reward points, you’re required to make a minimum number and value of purchases within a given period to maintain your accumulated points total.
If there’s no eligible activity on your account (as defined below) the accumulated points will be expired and the rewards balance returned to zero.


Customer Type and Purchase HistoryHow to Keep Your Accumulate Reward Points
Registered as either a consumer business but not yet placed a first orderPlace your first order within six months of registering with Euroffice
Registered as a consumer or a sole trader and made at least one purchaseMinimum of one order in any six month period
If registered as a business customer and made at least one purchaseMinimum of one order in any 12 months

For more information, visit the Euroffice Reward Programme Terms and Conditions page.

When will my reward points be processed?
Reward points will automatically to your account every time you shop with us or boost your reward points by participating in reviews, surveys or more.

Is there a limit on how many reward points I can collect?
There’s no limit on how many reward points you can collect through orders or special promotions. However if you’ve collected 200 reward points or more in a calendar month then no further reward points will be added to your account for product reviews, blog comments or for saving printers until the next calendar month.

Can I use my reward points to place orders?
You can use your reward points to spend on our range of over 150 items including vouchers, sweets and gifts for your home or office. Unfortunately you’re unable to use your reward points to redeem against orders.

How do I redeem a reward item?
To redeem a reward item, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Login and go to our Rewards page to check you’ve got enough points to claim an item.
  2. Choose the reward item you’d like to claim and add it to your shopping basket.
  3. To complete your claim and redeem your points, click on the checkout button.
  4. If you’d like to purchase other items, simply continue shopping and claim the reward item when you’re ready to complete your order. 
  5. We’ll deliver your reward item to your delivery address within 14 working days of receiving your request.